Is the high cost of electricity negatively impacting your bottom line?Are you looking to become more profitable by implementing a power-saving strategy?

Grid Interactive

Make money by saving money. Grid interactive solutions are ideal for commercial organisations who are looking to reduce their operating costs by creating new efficiencies.

We engineer independent energy systems that utilise multiple energy sources to create one secure, uninterrupted & cost-efficient power supply.

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System Components Overview

The diagram gives you a broad overview of components involved in the solution. We design systems that are customised to your power requirements, strategic objectives and energy demands. We start with a site assessment which includes power monitoring and analysis. This investigation gives us the necessary data on which to base your systems design.



Whether you require a solution for heavy industrial or light residential purposes, we have the ability to scale a system to meet your energy needs.

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Mobile & Modular

Our system designs can be containerised which means each system is fully mobile, scalable and modular solution that maximises return, minimises waste & mitigates risk. We’re flexible enough to engineer solutions for domestic or heavy industrial purposes in remote, rural and urban areas.

Update & Upgrade

Our Energy AC and DC power supply systems allow for 24-hour monitoring, 365 days a year. The intelligent software means that we are instantly notified of every possible scenario and allows us to update the system's firmware remotely. This ensures consistent high performance.

Powerful Data

Your investment needs to measure up. Our integrated systems produce data that can objectively prove its profitability. Our solutions are transparent which means that you are literally able to see your investment saving you money.

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