Nuarro  Lodge


Pristine, off-grid and remote

Situated beneath the aqua blue skies of northern Mozambique, Nuarro is located on the pristine shores of the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Nuarro is built from natural materials (by the local community) in an 800 hectare (8 sq km) environmentally sensitive concession area of the Baixo da Pinda Peninsula.
Nuarro Lodge, its associated chalets, activities and community-based projects all form part of this award winning complex. But behind the scenes, powering the Nuarro Lodge is a newly upgraded Victron Energy 30kVA 3-phase system hybrid system with 38Kwp of solar power.

Project Overview

The building of the lodge started in 2007 and the owners of the lodge have over the years upgraded the renewable energy and water system to fit the needs of the guests, community and employees.
A hybrid system is key for the reliable generation of electricity with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We prioritised reliability and remote monitoring to ensure consistent, uninterrupted power supply while not compromising the local environment. Hot water is supplied by solar geysers directly to the buildings.

System Specifications

  • 45Kw MPPT
  • 3 Phase Victron: Hybrid Inverter System.
  • 38Kw Solar Array
  • 2x 1100Ah 48V DC Battery Pack
  • 1x 3 Phase System Blue Panel
  • 2x Battery Monitors
  • 1x Color Control Display Panel
  • 1x Backup Generator
  • Live Internet Monitoring on Wi-fi

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Even though it is off-grid and remote, Nuarro generates its own electricity and clean water using renewable energy which helps bring sustainable tourism to the area without compromising the basic needs and comfort of guests. This ensures the local people and community also benefit, by bringing work to the surrounding area.

Empowering the Local Community

Engaging with the local community ensures that they benefit from the growth of responsible tourism at Nuarro. This is achieved directly through donations and indirectly through the creation of jobs for the local population. From each overnight stay, $5 is donated to the local community and $2 from each activity.

Several projects have been funded from these donations including the building of a community centre and medical post – plus various projects in the field of medical care, hygiene and agriculture are also being developed.

Apart from donations, Nuarro has a significant impact on the development of the local economy as it employs a total of 80 local people. Added to that are approximately 1,000 family members who are dependant on the income from these jobs.